Kaarin Lysen
Deep Tissue Massage Therapist in Seattle.

I am a deep tissue massage therapist with an interest in injury recovery and sports massage. I am a strong believer in patient participation; if any improvement is to be made in the body, the mind must be willing to work with the outside force of massage. This includes communicating before, during, and after the massage about health history, injuries, and the pressure of the massage.

What to Expect

What you should expect of me:

  • Professionalism and personal respect
  • Doing everything in my power to improve your well-being
  • Open lines of communication
  • Confidentiality of your information
  • Expert draping
  • Clean and comfortable facilities
  • Timeliness

What I expect of you:

  • Open communication and participation
  • Willingness to follow instructions (I promise they'll all be simple and helpful)
  • Respect for me, my profession, and the work we accomplish together
  • Timeliness
  • Turning off your cell phone

Please do not expect a silent massage. My part in assisting your body to heal depends upon communication. I cannot stress this enough. I will be talking to you throughout the massage to make sure everything is going well.

Finally, I do not expect you to fully disrobe if you are not comfortable with it. However, full disrobe is very helpful to me; as I stated above, my draping is very professional, and you don't need to fear being exposed.

Benefits of Massage

There are many benefits to receiving massage, particularly if you do so regularly. I like to compare it to oiling a machine; it's best to oil the machine while it's still fully operational to avoid malfunction. Benefits include, but certainly are not limited to, the following:

Increased Blood Flow. Both mechanically and metabolically, massage is proven to increase the flow of blood throughout the body. Blood is an important vehicle for nutrients, hormones, and other particles in the body, and increasing its flow can help bring nutrients where they need to go and remove toxins more efficiently.

Hormone Balance. Massage increases the production of positive hormones in the body such as endorphins, and decreases stress hormones such as cortisol. This can positively affect both physical and mental well-being. It's part of what causes post-massage "loopiness."

Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). The PNS stimulates the state known as "rest and digest." You may know its opposite, stimulated by the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), as the "fight or flight" response. Too often, closed cycles of stress cause people to get stuck in their SNS, and they can't relax. This causes the body to constantly produce hormones and activate body systems that would be useful in running away from a bear, and not so useful in digesting food, sleeping, and generally enjoying one's self. Getting a massage aids in relaxation, helping the body return to it's resting state.


Single Signature Massage Rates
30-minute Kaarin Lysen Signature Massage: $45
60-minute Kaarin Lysen Signature Massage: $85
90-minute Kaarin Lysen Signature Massage: $120
120-minute Kaarin Lysen Signature Massage: $155
My Signature Massage is a blend of a variety of massage techniques catered to your wants and needs.

Six 60-minute massages: $450 ($75 per massage)
Twelve 60-minute massages: $840 ($70 per massage)
Six 90-minute massages: $600 ($100 per massage)
Twelve 90-minute massages: $1080 ($90 per massage)

Medical Massage
60-minute massages: $115
If you are recovering from an accident or an injury, my medical massage can speed up your recovery time.

House calls: A fee of $10 plus $0.25 per mile driven will be applied to your total. Please contact me to inquire about scheduling a house call.

Contact Me / Schedule

If you know when you'd like to schedule your massage, please select it in the calendar below. Otherwise, I'll contact you to work out scheduling.